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All around Pharma


From R&D to Regulatory Affairs or Pharmacovigilance

The core of your information


Your data management software for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our solutions

A comple perception

Quickly navigate through our system and have 360º perception of the entire product history and projects

Improved team coordination

Manage projects and people in a simple and swift way, improving your team coordination

Data-driven decisions

Access a KPI and report dashboard that helps make data-driven business decisions

All data in one place

Centralize all data, understand process bottlenecks and reduce the loss of information and risk of non-compliance and audit failure

Our mission

Help your company deliver the qualitative and quantitative information necessary to be compliant and efficient, enabling you to be focused on your core business

Our Modules

Four different modules, all the information

Four modules that will cover all your technical activities

Research and development

Manage data, projects, project owners, milestones and KPIs in a single platform, making conscious and informed business decisions focused on efficiency and increased compliance.

Regulatory Affairs

Our platform will help you through all types of Regulatory Procedures guarantying compliance and a much easier management.


Be able to perform all the pharmacovigilance activities related to Safety and manage all the applicable data in a single, shared, updated and communicative platform.

Quality assurance

Manage all Quality Procedures and Processes that interfere with your products lifecycle, from Product Studies to Supplier Management. A unique vision on Quality, a simpler way to be compliant.

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